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I am testing the water on my beloved m28. I bought it about 2 months ago and I have put about 250 through it. I'll list what I've done to it.

1. I sealed the hop up

2. I stabalized the hop up

3. polished the barrel, and cylnder

4. I added shims to the inside of the mech unit

5. I tuned the hop up quite a bit to make it shoot amazing

6. I added vsr 10 hop up parts in it.

This gun has been tuned and is ready for the field. The piston has NO sign of wear, and the sear only a scratch. Because I shimmed the mech unit, it's keeping the piston and sear in good condition. I can easily hit a torso at 200 feet and I achieved a 300 foot shoulder shot this last saturday.

What's included
1. echo 1 m28
2. 2 mags
3. bipod
4. barrel cleaner

The only reason i'm selling this is because I need upgrade parts for my bar 10.

I'm looking for $150 or vsr 10 upgrade parts pics by tomorrow
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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