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I'm selling my Echo 1 m28. The reason why is I want to make a DMR instead of a BASR. I have found BASR's just arent for me and for the small group of players that are around me the situation calls for a DMR. The gun is fairly new and shoots very nice. I got it in December and have mostly used it for target shooting. The only thing messed up on it is the orange cap is cracked almost in half but duct tape is taking care of that at the moment.
The gun comes with
2 mags
A harris style Bipod
14mm thread adaptor

About 3000 rds of WE .40g bbs. Which are quite nice.
Nice High profile scope rings

The scope is a Leapers red/green illuminating, zero locking/reseting, paralax adjustable, 3-9X40 scope with a sun-shade, flip-up caps and a cherry on top :)

Asking $250
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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