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Well I have a few rifles that I don't use right now, so I would like to sell them to someone that is going to use them more than I will.

1. All prices are OBO
2. I will ship all items through UPS
3. All rifles are as is.... they are all in working condition unless other wise noted
4. Insurance can be added to the rifles at the buyers request
5. Prices do not include shipping
7. Any questions, please ask and I will answer them when I can.​

Well MP5

Rifle shoots at 325 fps on propane. Comes with one 30 round mag.
This thing has an insane rate of fire. Would be great for a CQB side arm or a primary weapon


JG Ba-10 G-spec

This rifle is stock. I have taken a heat gun to the stock to make it into more of a pistol type weapon.
The outer barrel has been cut down, and the threaded end is still in there. So the suppressor is still removable.
The rifle still has a 303mm inner barrel.
This is a fun rifle/pistol, and it will really surprise your friends when you pull this thing out.


Echo1 M16 VN

Rifle is solid and shoots true.


AGM Sten

Rifle comes with 4 mags, each mag $17

Used the rifle in one game, and one game only. After that game, it was put in a box and never used again.

The others.......

The unknown hand grip can be let go for $15
The A&K Box mag can go for $20.00
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