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First up i'd like to sell my TM MP5K PDW
It shoots around 250 FPS, and has stellar range.
It'll come with 2 90 round midcaps, and 2 metal 40 round midcaps. Also a Intellect 8.4 or 9.6 stick battery 1600mah.
Asking 220 for this.

Next up is my KWA SR-12. It would come with a 9.6v 3800mah battery, Magpul RVG, 3 Rail ladders, and a replica eotech. Comes with 2 high caps, and can come with up to 8 midcaps, (add 4 dollars per midcap)
Asking 480 for this. (Not sure if I want to sell.)

Next I have a CYMA M14 w/ an aftermarket rail. It'd come with a high cap, and a 8.4v battery.
Asking for 100 for this.

Javelin M16 (Disassemblied completely)
All the way down to the gearbox, this thing is in parts. I'll give everything to reassembly. Only 100 rounds through it. Needs a new bucking. Great for someone looking for something that can be stripped and to build something out of it. Strong gearbox sell, and decent hop-up.
135 shipped.

Pictures all are at request.
Trying to get funds for a PR-15, I'm solid selling the MP5K and the CYMA M14, but not sure on my SR-12.
Contact me at 6165026946 or PM me.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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