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First up for sale is my trusty G&G M14!

The gun is used but has been taken VERY good care of, and alot of the internal parts have been replaced/ reinforced for added durability. A friend and I have been tinkering with this gun and some of the internal parts are handmade, and it also sports a rather versatile paintjob which was also custom done for me (made to resemble the paintjob from Randy Shugart's M14 in the movie "Black Hawk Down")- which blends rather well with both desert as well as woodland terrain. So from alot of standpoints, this gun is a one of a kind, combat ready piece of plastic spraying goodness.

As for performance, We've never had a problem in the full year that Corey and I have had it (all of the problems people have been complaining about with G&G weapons weakening the spring and all sorts of other crap- we've never seen ANY of them).

My Asking price is $450, for the gun and the genuine black leather sling (made by Guarder). I prefer pick up, but if the buyer would prefer- I'll ship it to them.

UPDATE: Since this bad boy is not selling, I am willing to throw in a simple bipod, scope mount and a bushnell 2x scope for free with the M14, provided that it can be sold in a relatively short period of time. Please buy this gun, folks- I'm in desperate need of the money.

Let the pics begin:

Let's toss in some close ups of the paint job (Thanks Grey Fox!)

And a shot of the sling (it's just the Guarder label):

Let the PM'ing of me commence...

-Sniper Wolf Out-

Nobody wants this thing? :'(
Just be patient buddy,I think it'll be gone after then next month being we all had to do this Christmas thing,lol..Remember its tax refund time soon and alot of people will get some good returns
"My fiance is getting a few bucks less than $6,000 back
YIPPY ...AND I AM A SPOILED SOB!!! it makes up for her being a "B!*@H"all the time lol

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proofofheadshot, please start using the spell check it is getting very annoying with 3 mistakes per line. i don't want to be mean or anything, but there is a spell check button for a reason. use it cause it only takes like 4 seconds. thank you. once again don't take it personally.
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