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G&G M14 v4 (black) w/ hi-cap and fabric cheek rest
(5) G&G 80 rd mid-caps
KA rails and KA harris bipod (installed)
Evike 'vortex' flash hider (original got kinda mangled...this one looks fine and works well with the QD suppressors I've tried)

Looking for $350 + shipping OBO. I've had a couple offers for this already so price is fairly firm, but if (for instance) you don't need all of the mid-caps, we can probably work something out.

Thanks, all. This will probably be gone in a couple weeks regardless, I just wanted to give you all a look at it.

Speaking of which...

That's all I have right now, if you want more detailed pictures I can take them once I get home from Cali.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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