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WTS: G&P M4 Block II with 10 Mags.

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Up for sale is my G&P M4 with a MB Daniel Defence 12.5 Inch RIS II .

-G&P 8mm Gearbox (Wired to deans rear.)
-G&P M120 Motor
-G&P Hop Up
-Systema bucking
-Guarder Nub.

-Colt body (all trades intact)
-MB Daniel Defence 12.5 Inch RIS II
-Flip up sights
-Ladder rail covers
-TD grip
-Tactical Ear plugs

Comes With:
-10 KA 110rd Mid caps
-G&P 8.4 2200 Crane stock battery to deans

Asking $360 for everything.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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