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I have a G&P M4 with a ProWin Version 2 gear box.

Gearbox allows quick take-down (modular / split design) and quick spring swap feature.
Gearbox allows to relax / decompress the spring for storage
The hopup unit and gearbox are combined into one for great air seal
Gearbox has been shimmed and assembled with Prometheus triple torque gears, it is ready for virtually any spring
Wired to the rear with Deans Ultra-T connector
soft (black) hopup sleeves will be included along with x2 "nubs"
x2 springs will be included
Rifle will have 2 G&P batteries included in the sale. One is a 8.6V and the other is a 10.8V crane style batteries.

10 mid cap mags that all work flawlessly.

Quick detach suppressor.

Rifle has worked great for me. I just don't use it as much as I though I would. I have had the rifle up to 600 fps and the rifle worked great. There was no wear or tear on any parts of the gearbox. The three springs that will be included have been chroned at 330fps, 400 fps, and 450 fps.

I also have a scope riser as well as an NC star scope. The scope is a 4x scope. These can be added in for an additional price that can be decided on later.

Would like to get $480 for it. The gearbox alone is worth $300

I do need to sell this item... As I found out that I am going to be a dad here in the near future. So the more of the extra funds the better.

Thanks guys.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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