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WTS G&P WOC m4 Challenge kit, Sig 552, multicam

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Next is an ICS sig 552. Not your ordinary 552, it has been completely re-done. Externally it has been painted with Krylon tan on all the plastic parts and a silencer has been added to cover the tightbore, as well as an ICS scope mount for your optics and an element stubby fore-grip. The only issues on this gun are that it is missing the selector switches ($9 on Evike), and the dust cover doesn't lock back but still has no effect on the gun. Internally the gun is completely new nothing is stock. The gun is wired to deans, there is an active breaking Mosfet installed as well as a matrix 3000 torque motor, prometheus spring guide, Systema m120 spring, DeepFire cylinder, titanium piston, and aluminum piston head. Guarder cylinder head, deep fire aluminum air nozzle, SHS tappet plate, and guarder anti-reversal latch. AK length tightbore (cylinder is matched to barrel length), Madbull red hop up bucking and Madbull hop up nub. Gun is very accurate and very fast! The gears are stock but have been re-shimmed and re-lubed. The gun will also include one 7.4 lipo that fits in the handguard, lipo charger, lipo-graurd charge pouch, and two magazines one being a highcap and one a low cap with imitation bullets. I am looking for $400 OBO for this whole deal!!

Two pistols for sale as well both include one mag. One is a Firepower pistol, got it as a gift never used it once for $30.

Last is the NcStar holographic sight with built in laser and QD mount, very well constructed used in two games and taken care of well. looking for $50 OBO

Multicam uniform set! Used in one event, not abused made by tru-spec size medium. $70 OBO

Tan crossdraw vest, never even used, comes with two extra mag pouches $40 OBO

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1 - 5 of 6 Posts
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