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WTS - G&P WOC SR-15 URX Shorty GBB - *MINT*

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Hello everyone,
I am parting from my G&P WOC SR-15 URX Shorty GBB.

Pictures of the GBB rifle itself and its original WA 30rnd magazine:

INCLUDED WITH SALE: Ra-Tech NPAS Plastic Nozzle and adjustment valve - MINT in blister (never used)

SOLD SEPARATELY (included with good offers): Daniel Defense Rail Sling Attachment

SOLD SEPARATELY (included with good offers): Magpul PTS 30rnd magazines (3 available)

SOLD SEPARATELY (included with good offers): Prowin v2 30rnd magazines (2 available)

SOLD SEPARATELY (included with good offers): G&P Steel fire selector - MINT in blister (never used)

1. The unit is sold as-is
2. I ship using FedEx, UPS, GLS or another courier of your choice
3. Shipping is from Italy
4. Magazines can be sold separately if the price for the gun is okay.
5. No trades
6. I accept reasonable offers, please
7. Buyer must be 18 years or older

Item info:
- Mint conditions, probably ran only a total of 10 full mags, really, in its total use
- Never used in fields, used only in private property as a training platform for basic rifle maneuvering and handling
- Perfectly functional and in stock version
- The only piece I replaced was the charging handle lever, because the stock one broke. This one is a steel version and perfectly compatible.
- Sold with its stock KA magazine

Asking prices - ALL PRICES ARE "OBO" if you are reasonable enough
- Rifle: $480
- G&P Steel Fire Selector: $25
- Magpul PTS 30rnd magazine: $35 each *SOLD ALL 3*
- Prowin v2 30rnd magazine: $45 each *SOLD ALL 2*
- Daniel Defense rail sling attachment: $20

Can ship disassembled if need be.
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Sorry I accidentally posted in the wrong section.
My apologies, could an admin please move the thread?

*guilty as charged*
Thread updated in compliance with rules!
Oh man this is beautiful!!
I'm gathering parts to build something similar! If I didn't have most of the needed parts I'd buy it!

Thanks WG, having your blessing is a seal of quality! :)

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SOLD - all 3 Magpul PTS PMAG magazines
SOLD - 1 Prowin V2 magazine
UPDATE: Sold the other Prowin V2 magazine.
Found original packaging.

Can sell for 390$, with the following removed:
- KAC style rail covers
- Front hand grip
- G&P steel fire selector
- RA-Tech NPAS valve and nozzle

The entire gun stays the same, still provided with its default WA magazine and the RS bolt catch tooth.

*here is my daily up* :)

Evaluating trades for non-italian customers.
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