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Sorry, this thread was intended for MiA. So that's what the videos are for, but anyways. This is all the stuff I'm trying to get rid of so I can play around with a different loadout (Still sniper... Don't worry :) ).
Starting from the top!

First off is a basic condor RRV, comes with I believe 4 M14 mag pouches. Coyote brown, I actually brought this as an LBV a few times in the field, so it got a little rugged look on it. Doesn't look like you just picked it up from the store yesterday. Looking for eh... $30 including the mag pouches.

Next up is a USMC MCMAP Brown Belt. I've moved up in the world to black... Don't need this anymore, it's a riggers belt, and it will hold your body weight if you're into repelling or rock climbing. I only wore it in garrison, so it's pretty new looking. Looking for about $35 for this little doo dad. This super cool dude is displaying the other ones available. The one just below black is what mine looks like.

Next up to bat here is some Blackhawk elbowpads and kneepads. These I got for free for being high speed low drag IRL... So I'll sell them a little cheap. $30 takes both pieces here. Wore them on a few field ops and training evolutions, so they've also been worn in.

Next is a pair of black oakley gloves. They're missing the trigger finger on them, because I have to feel pulses on patients in a rapid moment, and don't have time to drop gloves to do that. So yeah. They're also pretty rugged lookin. Fast roped about 14 times in these (Under a pair of welders gloves of course, I'm not that hardcore). But yeah, $25 and they're yours.

So... You think I'm done with selling my super awesome slightly used things for your entertainment? I'm not. Next up here is a tri-color (Woodland) flak jacket. Comes with ballistic inserts. Just like the kind seen in Generation kill. Has MOLLE all over. This one is a little more pricey... But $100 and you take it home. No questions asked.

Now, finally up is an actual colt M16 rear flip up sight, used for real steel. In good condition. Buyer wants $45 for it.

All items listed above you pay shipping for, unless you're buying my M14... In which case I'll pay the bill.(EDIT: All my European friends, sorry. This one will have to be on you) Items I'm willing to accept for trade!
Inukatsu M4 GBBR (the super cool one on the website)

That's about it. All prices are pretty much non-flexable. If you want pictures of the Flak or the flip up sight. PM me and I'll talk to my friend that's selling it, and we'll take a few pictures.
Video of the RRV/RAV:

Video of the Oakley Gloves:

Video of the Brown MCMAP Belt:

Video of the Goggles:

Last video of the Elbowpads:

EDIT: The M14 will be be shipped with an orange flash hider.
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