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A few guns and a little bit of gear that I'm tying to get rid of at the moment:

-Tanaka AICS stock
-G&G Heavy Barrel
-Upgraded bucking
-KA Air Nozzle

I tried to modify a G&G G96 magazine to fit, but just have up on doing that. The rifle needs a Tanaka long magazine, but I'll include the G&G mag so that you can have the nice power pack parts that are inside for when you purchase a long mag. Another thing, the Harris Bipod mount is also broken.

Looking for $190 shipped.

-Comes with a good bit of pouches

$45 shipped.

Large ACU Interceptor

$45 shipped.

Marpat BDU's
-Top is a Small-Regular
-Bottoms are Small-Long

$20 shipped.

All prices are OBO. May do trades, but really just looking to sell.
1 - 20 of 34 Posts
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