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over $1100 in the gun, selling for $750 shipped OBO. Let me know if interested.

Maruzen APS2-SV
Tasco 30mm 3-9x hunting scope
2 Maruzen APS2 Magazines & loading tool
Un-Jamming rod
Gaurder Steel Trigger Sear
Gaurder Steel Cylinder Sear
Leupold 1" Scope Rings - $15
KSC M300 1.8 Joule Spring
Gaurder High Flow Cylinder Head
Laylax 3 Element Titanium/Aluminum Piston
First Factory Precision Piston Head
First Factory 7mm Spring Bearing Spring Guide
Laylax Silencer Attachment System
Laylax Teflon Cylinder
Laylax APS2 Steel Bolt Handle
JBU 8.25" x 30mm Mock Silencer
Maruzen APS2-SV Bipod
Rifle Case
500+- .36 Digicon Stealths
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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