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WTS: highly upgraded G18c package

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hey guys, Im selling my KWA based G18c package. I'd first like to say I will not part out the case, or anything currently installed on the gun and i will not accept trades! I really need the cash right now for school. It was only skirmished once and was used in a couple practice games. this package contains:

-a fitted Pelican case + extra foam kit (not pictured)

-KWA G18c internally upgraded with Huricane 150% recoil and hammer springs and Huricane highflow valve in standard mag. it is externally upgraded with a upgraded outer barrel and slide with serial numbers and real-steal trade marks.

-two 50rd highcap mags

-threaded barrel

-Classic Army Double Screw suppressor

-Uncle Mike's rubber slip on grip thing

-origional slide is no longer as pictured. it has now been "jeweled" (did it just for fun, adds a "pimpin" look to the gun
ill get an updated picture of what the slide looks like now.

i have around $400+ into this gun so make me some offers!

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ok how much is the starting bid? i love it!!!pm about it
lets see the silencer on.
where did you get that silencer?
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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