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WTS JG BAR 10 Boneyard. Also looking for a m60

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Selling a JG Bar 10 boneyard all you need is a tm precision hop up because the hopup arm is broken and I can`t find a spare which makes me sad. I loved this gun.

Well besides that comes with a desert paintjob.
Gun is in parts but mostly assembled just not the hopup chamber. I may not ship the barrel because the TM precision hop up chamber comes with a nice barrel to already.

Selling that 35 dollars you pay shipping.

OKay I am looking for a m60. A A&K is fine. Justneeds to be a m60
What I got to trade for it.
Echo1 614 rare now.
Couple mags
A crane stock battery. 9.6v
Did I mention it comes with a aftermarket crane stock and has been rewired. Yes I think Peq boxes are ugly.

Has 2 barrel lengths.

Should have a high speed gear set installed don`t remeber but it shoots fast on a lipo reallllllly fast.

Comes with magpul afg and some magpuls for mags.

Hasn`t been fielded much has been living in a closet.
Also comes with acog by the way.

Okay I`m looking for a m60 for that any lmg may be fine.
Yes my hopes are up.
You can offer me money or trade worst I can do is say no.
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^ what he said. You need to get your stuff straight or no one will buy from you. I am still interested but not for $45.
45 shipped. Sorry.I confuse my self sometimes.
Are you willing to ship to South Africa? I will pay extra of course!
Umm??? I will check up on South Africa airsoft law.
BUmp I`ll sell it 20 bucks u pay for shipping.
BUmp I`ll sell it 20 bucks u pay for shipping.

Whats your pay pal?
If he falls through let me know, I could use a BASR to build on.
Who ever gets me the money first of offers a higher amount wins.
Sold. Mods do whatever you want.
21 - 29 of 29 Posts
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