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Its just the stock BAR-10 with no mods done to it with the exception of the airbrake mod. I have all of the stock parts with the exception of the stopper that goes on the end of the barrel and the barrel cleaner itself. It has only had maybe 15 rounds shot through it. I was to try to get as close to what I bought for it as I can. It also comes with the Weaver scope mount that I bought when I had my scope on here. $70 + shipping obo

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Hey, would you be interested in the 70 dollars worth of store credit I have to I could give you the code and also pay for the shipping then too.
Lol, brandon okler last logged in a few months ago. I doubt he is still around on these forums, sorry raz. But like silent said, would love for you to make an intro post so we can get to know you.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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