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Wts: Jg m16a4/a2

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This gun almost in working order, it needs a piston and some wiring elements, but it would be better off to just get completely new wiring. Also the whole gun is disassembled including the gearbox. It has DPMS trademarks on the lower receiver. The selector slots very confidently, not mushy. Here's what you will get:
-Nearly complete gun
-Bottom rail that can be attached to the hand guard
-red dot sight (needs a battery and a mount)
-8.4 nunchuck battery
If you want a mag it will be a little extra¤t=101_0633.jpg

*since the picture was taken there has been a full stock and new mag release added
**sling not included
I would like to start it at $85 shipped. Also I will consider trades of sniper rifles, other AEG's, or possibly gear. Thanks.
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Don`t want to be mean but first you only been here for less than 1-2 months or whatever that rule is. Supposedly you not allowed to sell this. So yea I would ask a mod if you could get permission.
Okay...well is there a certain number of posts I have to have? I will check with a mod
mods please delete I am in violation of the 3 month rule I'm sorry for not reading the rules before I posted.
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