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I'm selling my MP5K I picked up off of Ike in a trade. I recently started using it, realizing I need a good, small, compact side arm.
I'm asking for 200 OBO. Comes with 4 Mid Caps, (Two plastic 80 round, two metal 40+ round.). It shoots around 250 FPS Chrono'd at High Value II, great CQB gun.
Shown in this picture, battery isn't strapped on anymore.

I also have a completely disassemblied Javelin M16 waiting for something to be done with it. I'll send everything it'd take to put it back together. Great gun if you want a good frame to make a DMR or a good AEG. It's got a solid Gearbox, i'd imgaine it could hold a M140 maybe an M150.
Asking for 130 OBO

Also selling my beaten to sh*t WE 1911. It doesn't work, and needs a TON of work. I'll take 45 dollars shipped for it. Comes with one mag that needs a new lip, and a BRAND new WE 1911 single stack mag.

I have my KWA SR-12. It's tank, it'll come with a Tenegry 3800MaH 9.6v.
It has a CA High Torque Motor. 315 OBO

Testing the waters:
Maruzen APS-2 fully upgraded.
Comes with Vector Optics 8x24x50 scope, and 3 magazines.
Only issue is mag well broke. I'm in the works of making a highly durable aluminum one.
It has full Laylax Piston, Spring, Spring Guide, Cylinder Head, PDI Hop-up, Firefly Bucking/PDI Bucking, Laylax Zero Trigger, and Promthesus 6.03mm Tightbore.
It's my baby, and i've worked hard. I have well over a grand into this rifle, so it won't hurt me if no one wants it.

Metal Body (Madbull brand preferred)
A RIS (PM the length) ((Madbull prefered)
Piston Grip
Outer Barrel (Length + Style) ((Madbull prefered
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