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Hey all, I have an Echo 1 Stag 15 that's seen better days. currently missing the little latch to secure the charging handle, no carry handle and kwa gen one lower. One of the screws in the pistol grip keeps on spinning, its probably stripped. it doesn't impede its function though. As of right now, it does not feed. It does feed when i put my kwa upper hop up in it. i swapped the kwa bucking into the echo 1 chamber and it feeds like a charm. so it only need a new bucking and its good to go. i dropped a cylinder with a smaller port in it because i could, so i don't know how hard it hits exactly, but it has good compression and it's putting bbs out there. Wired to large tamiya connectors in the rear. Will include smart charger and battery. no mag. I think the orange tip is barely on it, threads underneath are just fine. original box included. I'm asking $100 for it.

[New pictures will be up soon]

Next up is a KWA SR10. Barely used (fielded once an then put in box for a LONG time). Serial number dates production to 2010 and the gearbox has never been opened (still has the warranty sticker on it). It is missing the front and rear sights, i put a small 2 inch barrel extension and painted the flash hider black. comes with 4 rail covers, a ladder rail cover, a smart charger, 9.6v nunchuck battery, and original box. it does NOT come with the acog pictured. I'm asking $300 or reasonable offers.


Bone stock KWA SR10 with little things: $300 obo
ECHO-1 M4 mule gun with some stuff: $100 obo

I can set up a paypal account and I can ship within the continental United States. Trades will be considered so don't be shy!
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