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WTS: M700 tightbore

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hey guys, i bought a Laylax tightbore barrel for my KJW and it doesnt fit! oye... i think that the KJWs just take a regular AEG barrel or whatever. anyway, i have it up for sale for $80 (OBO) cause its brand new and never once used. PM me if your interested!
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haha, well i was gunna sell a first factory 6.03 tightbore for tanaka m700! R u interested?
only if it could fit a KJW :-/ i guess this is my little punnishment for going cheap and not geting a Tanaka. so yeah, there is a 80 dollar piece of metal that is sitting in its package in the corner of my room :'(
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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