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Hoggie here, some real life stuff came up fast, and I need to unload my sniper rifle.. sadly..

What is it?
It's my Maruzen APS-2. This thing is a laser rifle, and shoots well into the 330+ zone.
It's custom worked, i've done tons of self mods, and love, care, and anger, and time into this.
This thing has seen some MAJOR action. I've got over 400 recorded kills with this things, many at unbelievable range. I've been using this thing ever sunday for a year and half straight. It's had 2 new springs, and i've changed the bucking 4 times. It's cleaned after every game, and the hop-up has even been replaced twice.

The cylinder head has been tefloned, and I have almost 100% compression.
I filled the stock with cotton, and open areas, making this thing dead silent.
The bucking has been flossed to seal it, and I have installed high arms on the rifle.
I have used a custom nubbing I have to allow a better fitting on the rifle.

It will come w/o a scope.

Laylax Piston
Laylax Accuracy Cup
Laylax 170SP spring (550 FPS)
Laylax Spring Guide
Laylax Z Trigger
Laylax Cylinder Head
PDI Hop-up
PDI Bucking
Prommy 590mm Tightbore
Self Mods.

It'll come with 3 Magazines. It has a perfect tuned hop to .43g washed Madbulls.

Issues, there is some, as there is with many rifles.
Magazine release doesn't work. Customs broke it... I use velcro to hold the magazine in, or hold it in, doesn't affect shooting of the rifle.
The rifle needs new set screws, I can get from Home Depot if you desire.

Don't like these issues scare you away, there is easy solutions for both, and this rifle is outstanding. What is the price?
I'd like 400 OBO. Don't let that scare you away, it can be haggled. I need this cash in order to pay for stuff that if I don't, i'm screwed.

I can take trades. Just offer.

Thanks guys, Hoggie.

Magazine Issue. Small bar should go across the top of it to lock the magazine in.
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