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WTS: Maruzen APS2 ($Sold)

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WTS: Maruzen APS2 ($Sold)

Maruzen APS2 SV

Internal Upgrades:
-PDI APS2 Hop-Up Chamber
-Laylax APS2 Teflon Cylinder
-First Factory Damper Cylinder Head
-Laylax APS2 Power Accuracy Cup
-First Factory Zero Trigger (Red)
-First Factory APS2 3 Element Piston
-First Factory Spring Guide
-Laylax PSS2 bolt handle
-KM Head 509mm 6.04 Tight Bore
-PDI SPR 250% Spring

External Upgrades:
-PDI Remington Type Receiver
-K2 Vanishing Silencer
-Leopold M3 Scope replica
-30mm Low-profile mounts
-Butler Creek scope covers
-King Arms Harris Style Bipod

*Includes 3 mags and allen key to adjust hopup.

Has At least $1800 worth of parts in it.

It's a steal at $450!

New Pictures (Taken August 31, 2011)

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WTS: Maruzen APS2 ($Sold)

I have my PSG1 I would let go for this.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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