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Hello eveybody, Up for sale are two of my gas guns I don't use much. Pics upon request

First up is my maruzen m1100 revision with an ATI universal folding stock, as well as an ATI shotshell holder (holds 5 shells). It has a few scratches on the receiver but nothing too bad. I will include 17 shells with the gun along with a molle shell holder.

Now on to the problem, As with all of the maruzen m1100's it stovepipes the shells almost every time. There are ways to fix it but I do not have the experience to do them as I am not very good with internals.

All together everything comes out to about $310 dollars new, as far as price goes I would like to start talking at $210 which is negotiable just make an offer, no trades for now unless you have a TM Mk23 socom, or TM AEP's.

Heres a good reference video just picture it without the extended tube and you have the one I'm selling.


Buyer pays shipping, paypal only.

Also up for sale is a KJW m9 new version (like this one

It has an upgraded recoil spring installed by it's previous owner. It is pretty scratched up, and the right side safety is missing but other than that the gun performs perfectly fine and kicks as hard as anything. Comes with 3 mags, 2 Co2, one green gas/propane. The mags are leaky but just need new O rings and some lube.

Looking to get $85-$90

Would like to get

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I was just checking around the internet for one of the shotties, as I've already got the fullsize M1100 and a pistol grip M870, I certainly would be interested in getting a hold of yours. However, I am wary of how much damage has been done to your extractor. The o-rings I use on my shells are #7's (1/2" Outer Diameter x 3/8" Inner Diameter x 1/16", a real nuisance to get on but they work perfectly until they get worn away.) I suppose I can start my bid at $180 and we can go from there, and if you do get a pack of o-rings and test with them that would be awesome, and if not a picture of the chamber would rock. Thanks.
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