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Hey guys, I really need some money and I never use this thing anyway.

This is a like-brand-new Maruzen Vz61 Scorpion gas blowback SMG. It has been upgraded with a KM tightbore and has three spare mags (all in their origional boxes, none of them leak!). There is about $300 worth of stuff here without shipping and EVERYTHING is in 100% perfect condition, there is not a scratch on anything and I'd really like to get this thing out of my room.

included in this package are:

1x Maruzen Vz61 WITH all origional box, paperwork, bbs, and hopup adjustment wrench

3x spare mags (4 mags total)

KM 6.04 tightbore (installed, origional barrel included as well)

shown next to a Maruzen MP5k for size comparison.

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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