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Selling all you can see here, some things are blacked out because they have been sold.

Assorted inner barrels: $3 a piece
2 m4 outer barrels: $10 a piece
Fake magpul CTR stock: $20
Magpul MOE handguard $20
Magpul cheek riser for CTR stock $5
Magpul MIAD motor grip $10
Magpul XTM rail covers $10 for all.
Bipod/foregrip: $10
KWA m93r ns2, comes with 3 mags, 2 extended and 1 regular, needs a new outer barrel because the slide gets stuck back a few mm's after firing: $100
JBU M4/m16 conversion kit with silencer: $60
2 Kjw glock magazines:$20 for the pair
ICS lower gearbox with parts: $30
ICS custom m4, needs new battery connectors and stock: $80
JG AUG body only :$20
KSC G18c with 6 mags, may need new rocket valve and 1 mag needs a new feeding lip: $140

My only problem is I have no paypal so we may have to work some other form out if I can't convince someone to let me use theirs. (mothers)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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