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Here's a list of some stuff I'd like to sell to fund my WA purchase. The red prices are what I paid for the item and the green ones are my prices.

-Guarder MOD II (black) with 4 double M4 mag puches, 1 Tactical Tailor Triple M4 mag pouch and 1 Hydration pouch. This has been a great vest but it needs to go because I really want a Western Arms. It's adjustable to fit most body types.


(Where there's a space in the picture is where the TT pouch is and the Hydration isn't installed in these pictures.

Live action

Next is some BDU's that I don't wear:

Military Issue MARPAT BDU Blouse: Never worn after purchase, tag still on it. Size: Medium



(With flash)

Propper Woodland Camouflage Pants. Size:Small Regular. Only used for about two games, feshly cleaned and pressed.



I will first present these Desert items as a package but if you want one thing in particular, let me know and I'll give you a price.

So this package includes a Booney Hat in size 7 1/4, a thick winter cover/coat that will fit most anyone but it's a size Medium (the size for this runs larger), BDU pants in size Small, and finally a BDU blouse that is size Medium. The pants will be washed and pressed before you buy them.

Got all of it for around $80

Selling all of it for $45

Next is a load bearing vest. It's black and can hold 4 M4 magazines, 4 AK magazines or 8 MP5 magazines. It's black and has only been used in one airsoft game.



Finally is a PASGT helmet with Desert helmet cover. The helmet doesn't have buttons for the helmet cover loops but I can put it on if you'd like.



I'd prefer to do local pickup with cash but if you've got your heart set on something we may be able to work out a deal. Please PM me with questions or offers.
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