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Looking to get more into the world of gas rifles and I need some investment money. This gun is fully PDI'd and has been treated very well. It us routinely disassembled, lubricated and cleaned. had the following parts:

PDI RAVEN 6.01 tight bore
PDI W-Hold bucking
PDI HD Piston
PDI SPR 250% spring
PDI V-trigger
Danger Werx hopup arm (Type B)

The whole rig you are getting is about $400 worth of parts and on a calm day you can make 280-300 foot body shots with washed .4's.

It has been painted by me in a foliage pattern and has all the teflon mods and other little DIY stuff done to
I will include a ACM scope with a homemade sunshade and a PVC silencer (Looks only, does nothing to make the gun quiet.) Pics upon request. (Not the same paintjob in my gallery, I've painted it since)

I'm looking to get $350 OBRO for this rig, you pay shipping.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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