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Hey guys,
Alright so first up im selling my preban (p.c.s. bolt version) , tanaka m700 takedown version.
gun is stock but will come with a scope, and two 10 round tanaka mags. I cant quite figure this gun out , im mainly selling it for someone who wants the bolt and a couple mags or a project gun thats why its so cheap
$120. The bolt an mags are worth more than that

Second up is my g&g soc 16
gun is almost brand new, never been fielded. I've probably put 400 rounds through it gun comes with two high cap mags
Last up is my a&k m60 mk43 The gun has never been fielded it is stock and has a 5000 round autowinding box mag shoots around 380 fps and it has adjustable rate if fire right under the muzzle changes from 13 bps to 21. $200 Will have pics up soon possibly videos
will have pics up soon, if you have any questions pm me
1 - 5 of 6 Posts
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