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Hello all, I have 2 of my DMR's up for sale, I have put a lot of work into both of these and they are great rifles, I hate to see them go, but I don't for see myself playing as much with them and I could use the funds for some other stuff.

First is my Real Sword SVD,

Here is whats all done to the rifle and what comes with it.

Real Sword SVD #RS004768 -$650
PSOP 4x24m Russian scope made in "Zenith" Vileyka Plant. $300
Real SVD Cheekrest $30
5 Real Sword SVD magazines $150
2 Cyma SVD Magazines $30
Russian sling $10

-PDI 6.01 CHF 690mm barrel $140
-APEX Python MOSFET PCB Protected 34 AMP polyfused $34
-Cyma SVD Hopup unit $10
-Flat hop modification
-Systema M140 (445 FPS w/.20g) $5
-ZCI HT motor $30
-Wired to Deans

Also included
-T3 gearbox complete from Real Sword $137
-2 RS air seal nozzles $16
-1 RS Tappet plate and spring $10
-1 Piston Head $14
-2 Cylinder Heads $22
-1 11.1v 1200mah 15-25c Lipo $5
-RS Sight tools, cleaning rod
-Extra Cyma hop up

Total ~$1593~

I might have a extra piston also.

SVD Album
Real Sword SVD - Album on Imgur

I also have a rare Russian Avizant SVD Rig I can part with. PM for details.

Price for Real Sword SVD

Tokyo Marui M14 Socom DMR $420
Bushnell AR Optics 1-4x BDC Reticle $140
Vortex 30mm low scope rings $40
Pro Mag M1A Heavy Duty Weaver Mount $90
7 TM Midcaps $210
1 TM Hicap $35
Foam Filled Banana $10
G&G Bipod stud $10
Magpul MS1 Sling $50

-Siegetek 13.76:1 V7 Gears $115
-F.L.T. Bushings $20
-PDI 6.05 CHF 440mm Barrel $80
-Lonex V7 Cylinder Head $12
-Lonex POM Piston Head $15
-Prometheus Hard Piston $35
-Prometheus M135 spring (445 fps w/.20g) $10
-ZCI HT Motor $30
-Scatterplot Sorbo 3/16 70 duro $4
-Scatterplot V7 NeoPad $1.50
-SHS V7 Cutoff Lever $3
-APEX Python MOSFET PCB Protected 34 AMP polyfused $34
-Wired to Deans

Also Included
-Original TM Box
-Original TM V7 Parts
-2 V7 Specific Prometheus Hard Pistons $70
-1 11.1v 1200mah 15-25c Lipo $5

~Total $1439~

M14 Socom Album
TM M14 Socom - Album on Imgur

Price for TM M14 DMR

Prices are high, they are OBO to a point but I am not going to sell myself short on these guns. They are great guns, but if they end up being wall hangers that's fine with me too.

PM with any questions, offers, if you need additional pictures, I am happy to oblige.
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