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WTS Sam's Needs money to fix his car sale

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WTS/WTT pistols and M4 parts for tanaka parts, a JG Bar 10, or other spring bolt actions. I am willing to ship. I have paypal and can show you good feed back on other airsoft forms or ebay.
I would trade some or all items for a good gun.

Also for sale is my Western Arms Infinity pistol. Works good. Runs off 134A duster gas. Nice gun looking for $100 firm.

M4 SD front rail kit, comes with rails and and the suppressor and the mounts. $50.00 $30.00

All items are best offer.
My comp. Is broke right now. So I can't up load pics. But I can text you pics off my phone.
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You can send the pics to your computer email. Then you can post them on here.
I have been using my phone to get on line. My comp. is realy trashed. I just havn't had money to buy another one with chrismas coming up money is tight with me, my wife and my kids. A new comp. Just is not something I can get right now.
Got ya..... going to do some searching and asking around about these parts.
Sweet. I would love to trade or sell them. I have been siting on them for a wile.
May have to do some searing online to see some pics. Could use a few of these and give the M4 stuff to a buddy ... hmmmm ...
Yea. There is a lot of M4 stuff. You can build a working gun out of it.
Bump for two of my hand guns sold pending funds.
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