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I am looking to get rid of new gun to get another bolt action or cash. I will take tradesthat are boltactions. I got this from triggs and then had romaro upgrade it for me.

- Guarder SP110
- JBU metal bushings
-Prome. 6.03 tightbore
-Guarder tappet plate
-Systema spring guide
-Systema gears ( Romaro thought they were systema or another high brand gears.
- Echo 1 selector switches
- Echo 1 ASC/SCAR-L stock plate
-SCAR-L AAC Silencer
-Systema ani reversal latch
-jbu hand grip
-new piston(maybe jbu)
-new bucking
-custom hop up nub
-ca high torque motor

This gun is worth quite a bit and it shoots like a champ I'm looking for 300 shipper.

It also come with one vn mag.
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