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WTS SPR: Mk 12 Mod 1

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Up for sale here is a DMR that began life as a D-Boys Mk12 and has evolved quite a bit since then. The original owner had put in a Systema M150 complete reinforced gearbox and managed to strip out the gears in it prior to my receiving the AEG. In light of this, I had it completely rebuilt with new Systema helical gears and a PDI 170 spring (M120 equiv). The Cylinder, Cylinder head, and piston were all also replaced, and the AoE mod was done do it. The AEG is also double modded to fire in Semi-only mode as it Chrono's over 400fps on average. Internally it has the selector plate modified, and externally it has a low profile grub screw in the body that prevents the selector from going to the auto setting. The AEG also has an A/B mosfet wired in to ease wear on the trigger contacts. It has a Madbull "Ultimate" hop up, and a PDI 509mm 6.03 Steel tightbore.

Externally it comes with a non-brand scope that looks like a generic 3-9x40 but in reality is a 1.5-9x40 which gives a great field of view for airsoft. It also has a Harris style bi pod mounted on to the RIS. I also replaced the flash hider with an offering from G&P that has the realistic suppressor mounting threads on it, and even included an SPR style suppressor that is QD. The AEG overall has a paint job that is blended for the forests of the Midwest USA.

And lastly, what's wrong with it? The AEG cycles and functions just fine, however it needs a new hop up bucking. Due to what was most like user error, it tore the bucking last time I used it, which caused every shot to jam. With a new bucking, this problem should be relieved, leaving you with one beastly DMR.

Right now, I'm not entirely set on selling this so I'm accepting offers. Shoot me a PM if you're interested or have any questions. I'll update this post with some pictures later once I dig them up and get them on to photobucket.

Pics from right after it was painted:

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Thanks, was hand done with Krylon Ultra Flat cans.
Well open ended sales never seem to lead anywhere, so I guess I'll start this at $450 shipped.
Willing to go $400 shipped to get rid of it. Need money for other endeavors.
Bump, $375 shipped. Really need to move this puppy.
I don't believe I have. These pictures got kind of buried shortly after they were taken. I know they did make it over to MIA though, because a member there was asking me to do his rifle in a similar scheme.
Willing to go to $350 shipped to get this puppy moved!
Still looking to get this to a new home. Price of $350 shipped still in effect.
Still willing to take $350 shipped to move this. It's a sweet piece, but the bills are piling up.
It does. It's fully functional right now, save for the hop up which needs a new bucking.
1 - 11 of 18 Posts
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