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Rare G&P SR-25 w/ suppressor
( used @ IRENE & NS-3 )
500FPS w/ 20s, tho I use 30s
5- stnd mags ( G&P )
2- hi-caps ( CA )
G&P M3 glass (will include the garnish & forend wrap )
King Arms bi-pod w/ rail adaptor

price = 475$ shipped

Tactical Concealments VIPER HOOD
( as seen and used, @ NS-3 )
fully garnished for TX ( it worked - pretty dam well too )

price = 255$ shipped

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This needs a bump. I sent the payment and now I have any email saying you sent $225 back to me. Just wondering what the deal is, I thought I'd post here because I didn't get a PM. I hope not, but if this transaction isn't on anymore then you still owe me $30. Just hit me up with a PM or post on here with an answer please.


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