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WTS Sun Project M40a1 and WE M4 CQBr

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WTS Sun Project M40a1 and WE M4 CQBr
If you need feedback I have over 600 on ebay and other places..
Heres what I have
Sun Project M40a1, It is stock and has 1 mag and scope rail
It has seen little use at best..

We M4 CQBr the short one purchased while in Taiwan a couple years ago..
This has full colt trades and will work with co2
I ran 10 mags thru this on 7-14 work awesome..
I put a Magpul Pgrip on and now the selector has a little play easy fix I am sure..
Has Valtor AEG stock, RS magpul grip in OD, RS buffer tube, has Birdcage hidder for QD Can..
It Includes 2 CB mags one is perfect the other has leak at fill valve
$250+ ship

I can provide pics if needed
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Do you have any pics of the rifle and what not?

And anything you would want in the way of a trade?
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