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WTS - Tanaka M40A1 PCS - R-hop - CO2/HPA rig

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Time has come. Most of you know this rifle :)

I paid more than 1200$ for this and dozens of hours tuning it. I don't get excited too easily but I am not shy to say this is one of the most accurate and best performing sniper rifles that you will EVER find, in airsoft. I have to give credit where credit is due, and this is one of those times.

ASKING: 800€

G&G Aluminium Hop Up Chamber (part 54)
King Arms VSR Chamber Conversion
Prometheus 555mm 6.03 tight bore barrel
IR-Hop installed, fine tuned and perfectly functional
Custom made soft nub that works wonders with the R-hop
Modded King Arms Red Bucking
DIY Barrel Spacers and Lockdown Kits
Brand new trigger group with G&G Steel Valve Knocker

KJW Unrestricted bolt, as good as new w/ King Arms Reinforced Striker spring and G&G red rubber set
OR Tanaka M40A1 original PCS bolt w/ G&G Reinforced Striker spring
original rubbers included

Original 9rnd Tanaka Magazine with G&G Power set and Reinforced valve spring
Tapped long Magazine, HPA/CO2 ready, tested at 300PSI and built like a tank, w/ King Arms Steel Impact Plate and G&G Reinforced Valve Spring

Royal 3-9x40mm Mil Dot illuminated scope w/ original box, cleaning cloth, sun glare hider extension, caps, manual, spare battery
King Arms Long Spring Eject Bipod
Pantac Stock Pouch with velcro straps and raised cheek rest
Original color was black, painted Dark Flat Earth and Foliage Green

Original boxes for almost everything, manuals included
SWAT Black soft carrying case

**Each and every stock part is included**
Some white BBs that came with the Tanaka
An entire trigger group as spare (minus a broken safety lever)
An entire bolt as spare (as mentioned above)
Rubbers and O-rings

- A unique V-PAS air rig built by EngelMacher. Dual regulated with Palmer Primary regulator and ARX20 secondary.
- Completely modular, can be used in a variety of forms because it's all made of QD connectors
- Uses HPA or CO2, tested at 300PSI, could reach 600PSI max with primary only
- Extremely consistent, no leaks

This is not your common airsoft sniper rifle. This is nothing short than a fully fledged, upgraded to obsession, project gun.

Price is firm.
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nice rifle sir.whoever gets this will surely appreciate it.
nice rifle sir.whoever gets this will surely appreciate it.
Thanks Mayhem!
But, why? :(
I am asking myself the same question..believe it or not I am puzzled by this on a daily I've come to a conclusion: the main reason for selling it being lack of money to get geared up for tournaments and big events abroad (Berget etc.) I am thinking:

"if I get to sell it before I get me my gear, fine. Otherwise I'll keep it."

I'll see what destiny wants me to do ;) (as if it existed eheh)

I look at the video and I am thinking WHY am I doing this, nothing can repay the hours of work on this thing. It is capable of 300ft shots easily, I dreamed of that when I started building it.

Anyway, I hope this turns out for the best. It's not a cheap price so the person who will be interested is going to be a serious airsoft player, tech, or both.
I want this rifle! Hopefully I can come up with the funds to buy it in time!
I am sorry my internet connection had problems and I've been in the dark for amost four days. It just started to work again, hopefully for good.

I am sorry I decided to withdraw the sale because of a different purchase I am going to make. I appreciate your interest and will make sure you know it first hand, should the rifle be back on sale in the future.

More info on my further developments are going to be published on my YouTube channel.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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