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If you're reading this, you know what this gun is. Here are the goods:

Tanaka M700 AICS
1 29 round gas magazine

-King arms extended nozzle ( seats bb perfectly into the chamber )
-King Arms VSR conversion (allows VSR-10 buckings to be used, currently has a nineball VSR bucking installed)
-G&G metal Hop chamber housing ( original was plastic, this is the same as the Creation metal hop chamber housing)
-G&G Fluted Heavy Barrel ( this alone costs $200 new, good luck even finding one of these used)
-Tightbore VSR-10 inner barrel (Don't remember which one was installed, been so long since I used this thing)
-Polarstar sriker spring
-G&G rubber
-G&G steel bolt upgrades
-Scope with rings
-Harris type bipod

Asking $650 for this super rare gun before I pawn it on fleabay.


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Pre-ban - post ban...
Even the Pre ban are set for max fps, noone really tune them down.
So what's the point of owning a pre ban ?
That you MAY some day to lower the fps??
Personally I own 2 Pre ban /PCS Tanaka's and are both set to max fps, never changed that!

Good luck with your sale.


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I was just saying I wouldn't even call a preban or pcs tanaka super rare so I was mostly speaking to it not being even that that it wasn't even rare at all in my opinion but you wolf are right and any tanaka I've owned I tap the mag soooooo Ya pcs bolt is kinda whatever in my eyes
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