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*Posting for a friend*

Hey all. I have recently built a rifle that I have decided to sell and favor my other rifle more. Its a JG stock with Well hop-up and outer barrel. Internally it has a JG piston with an x-ring and 2 cylinder dampers on the cylinder head. Its a very quiet rifle and with the work I've done on it it has nearly perfect compression. It also has a Firefly soft bucking and last but not least a TK twist barrel. All of the internals are very lightly used with little wear. If I remember right the piston has a few holes drilled in it to make it quasi homemade swiss cheesed. I do not need to sell this but for a good offer I will part with it. I'm also selling a NC star 3-9x42 scope with a micro red dot. The micro red dot has a minor crack in the bottom corner but does not affect function at all.

I also have a very lightly used PDI Barikaru piston for sale. I will part out the scope if someone wants it by itself. Heres my asking prices, I would like $250 for the rifle, $80 for the scope, and $50 for the piston. All prices are obo and I am open to partial trades or an even trade for the right item(s). Thanks for looking! PM me and if you want pics I can send them to your phone.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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