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WTS G17/Plate Carrier

I'll be joining the Navy soon ( just need to swear in and will be shipped off in 2 months at the earliest.) I'd like to sell everything I own before this, but I WILL NOT be quitting ANYTIME soon. I would just like to 'renew' my entire load out, guns gears, everything, and I need extra cash to do that. Please help a fellow "future-veteran" out and buy my stuff? Everything is listed as low as I can, BUT I'm still willing to consider offers. Just please don't disrespect me by lowballing, and we'll all get along just fine.


*No Lowballing.

*Verified Paypal only ( just makes things faster)


*All prices INCLUDE shipping unless stated otherwise.

*Everything is sold on an AS-IS basis. Guns are guaranteed to function as intended before being shipped out.

*I will only ship out USPS. Any other preferred carriers can be chosen, but at the cost of the buyer.

TM G17 Package SOLD
TM G17 ( stock slide broke off at the front, jb welded the metal plate so it functions fine)
FPS: ~320-340 with green gas.

150% Guarder Recoil Spring
150% Guns Modify Hammer Spring
Guarder Steel Valve Knocker
Guns Modify Extended Slide Stop
Guns Modify Zero hammer


SAPH Fiber Optic Set
Guarder Steel Outer barrel ( sanded to chrome/silver matte finish)

Will include:
1x leaky stock TM 25rd mag
2x functional WE 25rd mags
1x functional WE 50rd mag
Serpa Holster- spray painted tan

G17 is a bit moody when it comes to firing. Sometimes it\'ll fire after racking the slide and pressing the trigger. Other times, you gotta change the position of your wrist for it to fire. I still haven\'t found the problem, other than that, it works just fine.

Price: $180 + shipping.

CB Condor Plate Carrier ( Fits most sizes): SOLD

Comes with:
2x Condor Velcro flap Double M4 mag pouch ( holds a total of 8 M4 mags)
Condor Triple Pistol Mag pouch
Condor Hydration Carrier ( bladder NOT included. Evike sells them for like ~$15)
Condor Magazine Dump Pouch Closed Top
Condor Med/Misc pouch

Note: 1 point Sling, Hydration bladder, and Airsoft Nation patch NOT for sale.

Selling this for $50 + Shipping.

Perfect for beginners looking for a complete rig w/o all the hassle. The ENTIRE vest matches in color, so no need to worry about mismatching colors.


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