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Tokyo Marui Vsr G-Spec

It is a new gun, mint in every way. All hardware is clean and hasnt been butchered up in any way. No stripped threads, no problems at all.

All mint and like new.

Comes with:
-nineball purple bucking.
-Aim Long eye-relief Scope
-Tokyo Marui Scope base mount

$250 shipped. Give me offers!

VSR / Bar 10 parts.

-PDI 120 VSR-10 Spring

-PDI VSR-10 BaRiKaRu-Compo Piston VC

-PDI VSR-10 Spring Guide for Vacuum Piston

-PDI VSR-10 V-Trigger with Piston End

-PDI RAVEN VSR-10 Cylinder
-PDI RAVEN VSR-10 cylinder head

-stock TM cyl and cyl head

OR $400 for everything.

1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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