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[WTS] Tokyo Marui Custom M40A2 (VSR-10)

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Images, more upon request... Tokyo Marui CUSTOM M40A2 (VSR-10) - Imgur

This is a custom Tokyo Marui VSR-10 that has a genuine Bell & Carlson M40A2 stock that was modified to fit the VSR-10 system. It has been fully upgraded internally with everything except a teflon cylinder. The upgrades include...

- 6.03mm tightbore barrel (430mm)
- Zero Trigger
- Upgraded Spring Guide
- SP170 Spring
- Upgraded piston
- Upgraded cylinder head
- Upgraded hop-up bucking
- Custom hop-up system

Its highest recorded FPS was at 525 with 0.20g bbs. Of course, I would recommend using .30g+ for this rifle. The tape on the rifle is just for looks and can be taken off at will. There is a spot at the front to attach a bipod, and a rail was attached to the top of the barrel to make it look more like the real thing.

Also included are two extra magazines (one of which is a 50 rd high-cap), a brown leather sling, and a 10-40x50 rifle scope with sun shade (scope rings not included). I am looking for $700 shipped... need the money to put into my Mustang.

Thanks for looking!
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Bump, $700 shipped. Or best offer.
Ah, saw this one up on ebay. Figured it would turn up here as well. Gl selling, looks like a beauty.
Free bump for a great rifle, looks just like it did when it belonged to me!
Sending a PM now.
Wish I could afford it (stupid youth labor laws) but I can't so, congrats to whosoever gains possession of this rifle, she's a beauty.
Price lowered, $600 shipped!
Bump! $600 shipped! Looking to put the money into my Mustang, offers are also welcome!
It's been a while since I was into airsofting so I apologize for not knowing what brand parts are in it. But I can tell you that the previous owner put in top of the line stuff.
Gun is now mine. Paid for.
SOLD! Scope and sling still available though.
It's an NC Star 10-40X50 Red Illuminated Scope Rangefinder with a green lens and sunshade included. I can let it go for $125 shipped, I'll throw in the sling too just because I have no use for it.
It's a lovely scope...but that's too much out of my price range. Good luck on selling it though.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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