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[WTS] Tokyo Marui Custom M40A2 (VSR-10)

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Images, more upon request... Tokyo Marui CUSTOM M40A2 (VSR-10) - Imgur

This is a custom Tokyo Marui VSR-10 that has a genuine Bell & Carlson M40A2 stock that was modified to fit the VSR-10 system. It has been fully upgraded internally with everything except a teflon cylinder. The upgrades include...

- 6.03mm tightbore barrel (430mm)
- Zero Trigger
- Upgraded Spring Guide
- SP170 Spring
- Upgraded piston
- Upgraded cylinder head
- Upgraded hop-up bucking
- Custom hop-up system

Its highest recorded FPS was at 525 with 0.20g bbs. Of course, I would recommend using .30g+ for this rifle. The tape on the rifle is just for looks and can be taken off at will. There is a spot at the front to attach a bipod, and a rail was attached to the top of the barrel to make it look more like the real thing.

Also included are two extra magazines (one of which is a 50 rd high-cap), a brown leather sling, and a 10-40x50 rifle scope with sun shade (scope rings not included). I am looking for $700 shipped... need the money to put into my Mustang.

Thanks for looking!
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It's a lovely scope...but that's too much out of my price range. Good luck on selling it though.
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