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WTS: Tokyo Marui SR-16 (Great DMR base)

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Here's a great opportunity to pick up a very nice DMR base gun. A Tokyo Marui SR-16. This gun performs flawlessly and is in excellent condition.

Trades are fully intact. No major scratches and nothing is broken on this gun. It will come with the original 68rd metal magazine and the originally included fore-grip as well as a Ni-cd unknown mAh 8.4V large type battery.

Like all TM's this still has the TM magic in it. Gearbox is completely stock and was never opened. Compared to the performance of my G&P SR-15 CQB with the 8mm gearbox and M120 high speed motor the TM SR-16 seems to have just as high of a ROF considering its got an EG1000 motor in it. Very accurate for being a stock gun and seriously the range was only 5 to 10 ft less than my G&P SR-15 CQB. Which is amazing considering that the FPS on my G&P is right around 400fps and the stock FPS on the TM SR-16 is right around 285 fps. But again that's Tokyo Marui for you.

Only reason why I'm considering selling it is because I have 3 other AEGs that I always use over it, and its only been used once or twice as a loaner. Otherwise it just sits in its box.

$200 shipped

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