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Hey guys, I'm back. Looking to sell off my pride and joy, currently have life issues to deal with and haven't had any time to even touch my rifle in over 15 months. I've also listed it on Reddit, hence the addition on the namecard.

Price - $200, Shipping included to any of the 50 States.

Pics - Here
Includes 3 ~30 rd magazines.
Does not include scope, rifle strap, or lens protector

Base Gun - Mauser SR L96
-Metal Bipod
-Top rail mount
-Adjustable Cheek Riser
-Right handed bolt
-Strap mounts
-Sturdy plastic stock, metal internals + outer barrel
-Adjustable rubber butt pad
Minor scratches on outer barrel, worn paint/coating near moving parts around cylinder.

-14mm negative threaded muzzle adapter
-ZCI Stainless Steel 509mm x 6.02 barrel(AEG Cut, square window)
-4x Barrel Spacers (they're VERY snug)
-***PDI Clone hopup chamber W/ PDI High hopup arms
-Maple Leaf 70degree bucking(unmodified)
-*PDI v-Trigger*
-**Action Army teflon cylinder**
-Stock cylinder included
-Action army M150 spring
-Stock Bolt
-Stock Plastic piston
-Stock spring guide
-Stock orange barrel cap included (won't fit with upgraded barrel)
-Furniture foam has been stuffed into the stock to reduce sound signature
-Bucking has been teflon taped(I believe, its been a while)
-The Hop up unit currently has a rubber band applying force to the hopup unit instead of the stock o-ring

*Does not have a safety, but one can be added. Slight issues with holding the piston back, occasionally doesn't lock properly but has never slipped after racking the bolt.
**Teflon cylinder is included, however it will need a matching bolt handle. The stock handle does not fit properly onto it.

Seller's Notes:
Hop up is unmodified, as it is securely wedged within the outer barrel. To prevent them from getting stuck again, try drilling a small hole in each barrel spacer to break the vacuum seal that is created.
The teflon cylinder doesn't fit with the stock bolt handle. It's never been run through a game, but has slight marring from trying to get it to work without additional purchases.
I ran Bioshot .36's through this rifle, but has potential to lift heavier bb's.

Bipod mount has slight wiggle room, allows you to hold rifle level on uneven terrain. Bipod itself is height adjustable, otherwise rigid.

Light rust around bipod, some nuts on the exterior. No impact whatsoever on performance.

The exact fps is not known, as I have never had my rifle chrono'd. As mentioned earlier, will need to be tuned and hopup adjusted.

If interested in stock barrel/hop unit/metal trigger assembly, let me know and I will try to locate them. Stock trigger will have safety included, and is supposed to be transferable to PDI V-Trigger.

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Bumpity Bump!! Now only $300 USD!

It's still in my closet, reduced to $300 USD from $425. Shipping included to anywhere in the US!

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Are L96's really so terrible? Now willing to part for $200 USD.

P.S. It's crying itself to sleep every night it stays locked in my closet. Help save an innocent rifle's life.

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Thanks everyone for your interest :D
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