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WTS um....lots of stuffs... Maruzen APS-2 Inside!

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WTS Pistols, MOSFET.

1. No thread crap
2. PM if you have a question, I won't reply on the thread unless it's time for me to bump.
3. Paypal or Cash, check is fine but you have to wait till it's verified when I deposit it.
4. Don't ask silly questions....
5. Price DOES NOT include shipping unless otherwise stated.
6. Pick up available.

BRAND NEW AWS PULSE! (Pre-soldered to SHS V2 trigger contacts)
Never used other than when they tested it.
This FET uses switches to change modes, so you don't need to re-plug the battery and pull the trigger to change the setting.
It also uses sensor based fire control instead of timed.

$80 OBO

WA Infinity
Painted grey, can be removed without damaging the original
Need new magazine intake valve ($10)
Otherwise it's pretty much brand new.....
$200 shipped

Tokyo Marui 5.1 MRP
Comes with original box, accessories, manual and one extra Marui mag.
$150 Shipped
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Send me a link or two with some seller ratings. If positive, I will let you keep this thread up. Locks in 24 hours and content deleted otherwise.


I will vouch for him.... Have talked to him on more than one site, and he is always an upstanding seller and trader.

I have done a sale or two with him, and have always been impressed.

On topic now....

How many mags do you have for the APS-2. If it is the same one that I was looking at over on the MIA forum, I may still be interested in her.
One mag, it might be the one.
Bought it thinking about just build another one lol

PM for details.
Fellas fellas fellas. Let the mods do their job. I simply asked EDI to post a link of some of his feed back. He did so, and now he is good to go. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and let him keep his thread up originally, rather than delete it and make him rewrite it.

Cleaning thread now.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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