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1. Paypal only
2. CONUS shipping only
3. Sold as package deal unless we can work something out

For Sale
- G&P Upgraded M4
Upgraded Internals
- SHS Blue Piston
- 70D Sorbo
- Lonex Steel Spring Guide with Ball Bearings
- Lonex POM Piston Head (Ball Bearing Removed)
- M100 Spring (believed to be Prometheus)
- SHS 12:1 Ultra High Speed Gear Set
- Chaoli 23 TPA Motor with Chaoli Neo Can
- APEX Python MOSFET - V2 Drop In 34 Amp Polyfused
- ZCI 300mm 6.02 inner Barrel (R-Hopped)
- Prowin CNC Hopup Chamber with M-Nub Installed

*The cylinder, cylinder head and air nozzle have been kept stock besides the fact that the cylinder head and cylinder have been adhered together so there is no air loss

Things to consider/be aware of
- the body has several small scratch marks on it from playing, it is not in mint condition
- both the hand grip and the stock are stippled but sanded down so it offers more grip but doesn't dig into your skin
- one of the body pins that helps hold in the gearbox is missing but it doesn't affect the gearbox or how it performs
- the angle of engagement has been corrected with the 70D sorbo and I believe one and a half teeth removed from the piston
- the rhop is not professionally done
- I'm not sure how hot the gun shoots but I am able to play at a 350 fps field using .25g bbs. It shoots around 21 rps using the 9.6v battery listed below

Upgraded Externals
- AIM Sports Free Float Rail (has several scratch marks on it, not in mint condition) and rail covers
- Magpul PTS MBUS Gen 1 Front and Rear Sights (these are the knock off ones that were purchased for 20 USD, not the real steal ones)

Miscellaneous Gear
- 2 130rd G&P Midcap Magazines
- 2 360rd JG Highcap Magazines
- 3 Magpul Mag Assists
- Magpul PTS MOE Handguard (same as the MBUS sights, not the real steal version)
- Arena Anti-Fogging FlakJak Goggles (top vents have been removed to allow better airflow for less fogging)
- ANNEX MI-7 ANSI Rated Full Face Mask with Thermal Lens
- G&P 9.6v 2300mah battery (wired to deans)
- Evike Padded Rifle Bag with External Magazine Pockets

Things to consider/be aware of
- the midcaps feed well but the highcaps functionality is unknown. They feed but I am not sure how reliably
- the mask and goggles have small scratches on the lenses but it doesn't affect vision

Looking for $380 + shipping

Feel free to comment or pm me with any questions or if additional pictures are needed


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