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Price: $280
Only acceptable form of payment is paypal unless you pick up locally(San Diego, CA) at which point its cash. I don't want any trades thank you. Will only ship to the lower 48. If you want it to be shipped to Alaska or Hawaii it can be done but it'll cost you.

This is a JG Bar-10. This gun should be putting at around 550FPS with .20gram bbs. Affective range is probably 250ft The ammo I have been using are 6mm Mad Bull .36gram sniper bbs.

This gun comes with a scope, scope mounting equipment, 2 extra 30 round magazines, and sling mounts.
Put close to 1500 rounds through it but I cleaned it after every game.

Link to videos of airsoftgun:
FPS chrono:

Penetration test:

Whats included:

The following parts are what I have put into the gun totaling $190
1 x Airsoft GI PE 6.03mm Extreme Precision Inner Barrel for VSR10 (430mm) $30.00
1 x Airsoft GI PE Reinforced Sear Set for VSR10 / Bar10 Series $55.00
1 x Airsoft GI PE Reinforced Piston for VSR10 / Bar10 Series $35.00
1 x King Arms Hop Up Bucking for TM Hi Capa / VSR10 $15.00
1 x PSS10 VSR10 Damper Cylinder Head $16.80
1 x PSS10 VSR10 Spring Guide $21.60
1 x Laylax PSS10 170SP VSR10 Spring $16.80

Sling mount pics:

The mounts unscrew with the sling mount part. If you wanted to you could remove the c-clip holding the sling mount to the actual mount and have just the screw part in your gun allowing you to mount a bipod, however the gun is so light no on will ever need a bipod.

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Yea that would be great. Do you have any other springs with the gun, like the stock one?

Also, is this the BAR-10 with the plastic endcap? No problem if it is, just looking to see what other items I will need. Be expecting a meetup in the next couple of months if you haven't sold it already.
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