This is a repost of a rifle I bought secondhand. Turns out I was inaccurate in my last post and there are virtually no issues with this rifle. There is some issue with the mag catch engaging, but I'm not familiar with the VSR platform so don't really want to spend the time to fix it. At the moment, it has no screws for the mag block, however I will buy a pair and install if someone is interested in buying the rifle.

Parts breakdown:
1. PDI Cylinder Set - $250
2. PDI Trigger - $150
3. Action Army Hopup Chamber - $55
4. Steel inner barrel - $30
5. ModelWorks M40 Stock - $180
6. Random Bipod - $20?
7. JG G Spec Base - $100 (but there are few parts left from the original gun).
8. 3 Mags total

Overall roughly $700 to $800 in retail, yours for $350 shipped in CONUS.