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WTS Upper Body Ghillie Suits

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Folks, started a new thread for this, as this is solely for these particular suits, not the kits, etc. If you are interested in a kit or blanket or rifle wrap, see here;

Up for sale, is a custom service for upper body ghillie suits. The package will include the following in the FINAL PRICE:

1. BDU Jacket (either woodland or desert)
2. Boonie hat (varies)
3. Custom work on both the boonie and jacket, to emulate the viper hood design.
4. Shipping price to your door including $100 insurance
5. All materials to make the suit are included in the price
6. The hours it takes to make the custom upper body suit

With that said, the price for everything listed above, SHIPPED TO YOUR DOOR is $95.99

Price is based on the following:
1. Jacket $20
2. Boonie $10
3. Shoe Goo and netting and jute $20
5. Shipping (roughly $10)

Ghillie upper body suit will emulate the viper hood design (roughly) and will use SHOE GOO to keep the netting down on the BDU.

To reserve a spot for one, send $5 to my paypal address: [email protected]
By doing the above, you automatically receive a spot and are next in line for a suit. Get yours while you can!
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Would be awesome if you could post a photo of some of your designs before you ship them out for us to drool over.

I am here:
- A.K.A "FD" or "Krew"
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