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Hello everybody, today I have a bunch of small things that I don't use anymore. The prices are without shipping but it should be pretty cheap for anything. Also all items are OBO. Now on to the sale!

First is a Pantac Duty belt and belt pad, size large, in coyote brown. I have been using this for about half a year now but it is very good condition. I also have HSGI suspenders for it that I can sell separately. I am looking for $20 for the suspenders and $30 for the belt and pad or $45 for everything. SOLD

Next are 3 Laylax VSR springs, a 120,150, and a 190. The 120 is new and the other two are lightly used. $10 each 190 SOLD & 120 SPF

Next is a pair of Mechanix gloves size large in black. Great condition. $10

Next is a Laylax orange (90 degree) piston with no airbrake. Somewhat used. SOLD

Next is a Firefly hard type VSR bucking. Hardly used. SOLD

Next is a Pantac coyote brown balaclava. Used in one game.$5

Next is a brand new TM VSR stock inner barrel. $10

Next is an eDGi VSR pro sniper (435mm) inner barrel. I was told by the person that sold it to me that it has a 6.00mm inner diameter but I have no way of verifying that. However these barrels are only made in the 6.01mm and 6.00mm sizes so there would be no huge difference. It is also thicker than most barrels to minimize vibrations. It was well maintained and is in great shape. SOLD

Next is 1 G&G 450 round hi cap mag. Almost new. SOLD

Finally are 2 Condor belt mag pouches in khaki. Free with any other purchase. SOLD

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Also adding 3 Pantac M4 mag pouches, 1 suppressor pouch, and 1 double 9mm/double stack pistol mag pouch. They are all coyote brown, and they are about 3/4 of a year old but are all in great shape. $10 each


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eDGi Barrel SOLD
Fiefly Bucking SOLD
Belt/Pad/Suspenders SOLD
Belt Pouches SOLD
190sp spring SOLD
Piston SOLD
M4 pouches SOLD
Suppressor pouch SOLD

Still available:
sp120 spring
sp150 spring
Mechanix gloves
TM VSR inner barrel
pistol mag pouches
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