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WTS: various parts.

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Hello everyone, I need to sell a couple of things. Shipping not included, pm me for pics.
PDI M24 hopup chamber $40 obo

CA M24 mags X2 25$ obo

M24 Stock $50 obo

M24 outer barrel and reciever $30 obo

KWA USPc old system w/o mag $35 obo

Digicon .3 gram bbs $10 obo

Stock CA m24 trigger mech $25 obo

360% spring $10 obo

Vaccuum piston $15 obo

9mm spring guide $10 obo
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The usp does have a metal outer barrel yes, and the barrel is from the military. the only problem is that the threads where the rear screw goes are worn down, but can easily be re threaded with a screw that fits. EDIT, items added.
I dont even know right now, several people pmd me at the same time all wanting different things. right now someone has dibs, but youre next in line.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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